Manga universe was created by manga and anime enthusiasts.

We are two undisputed fans since our youngest age. When we were about 6 years old we discovered the first episode of Naruto, which triggered a huge upheaval in our lives, we were totally amazed by the quality of the drawings, the monstrous fights and its story so deep.

For several months, after the outings and soccer games, we were stuck in front of this anime which was the first of a long series. We discovered One Piece, Death Note, DBZ and a lot of other anime that made us totally immersed in this wonderful Japanese universe...

That's why we decided to create Manga universe. Because as enthusiasts, we found that the products offered by competitors had a quality / price ratio totally inadequate.

So we decided to share our passion by offering products of all our favorite characters at the best price.

If you too are a fan of Japanese culture you should certainly find something you like on Manga Universe.

This store has been created by fans, for fans.