January 18, 2021

The jojo's bizarre adventure manga, created by Hirohiko Araki, is a pioneer of the shonen style and also a very particular genre in itself. First published more than 30 years ago, Araki's work continues to be published as he has so much imagination to spare. Working in parts, each inked in another era of time, even another dimension, the only limit Aaraki could find to his creation is in his head. Concerning the scans, a part 9 is in preparation and everything leads us to believe that it is far from being the end.

Today we are going to be interested only in the parts which were animated, that is to say the part 1 to 5, and we are going to discover together a small top 5 of the characters which have the best "stand" in jojo's bizarre adventure, because there exists in this universe a number and a variety of very interesting powers. If Jojo was as long as One Piece, it would surely also be known for its flourishing diversity.


5: Crazy Diamond of Josuke Higashikata

crazy diamond jojo's bizarre adventure

Crazy Diamond is first of all a monster in terms of power, resistance but also speed. He is considered one of the strongest stands physically. Like his nephew Jotaro's stand, he can swing his fists at breakneck speed to knock out his opponents with powerful blows.

But the real strength of Josuke's stand is his ability to play with matter. He can simply fix anything in the world as long as he has a piece of the thing to put together. He can also heal almost any injury in seconds, except his own. He is therefore able to "play" with matter and assemble and disassemble it as he wishes. For example, he will punish a killer by simply turning him.... into a stone.

In short, this is a very good stand because its strength and speed make it a formidable enemy, but also because its power has enormous potential.


4: Killer Queen of Yoshikage Kira

killer queen jojo's bizarre adventure

Like every stand on this list, Killer Queen from serial killer Kira is a monster of power, his strength and speed are undeniable, just around these two points he doesn't have many competitors apart from the heroes of the series. On the other hand he has a power that, when used properly, can surpass many characters.

Being a serial killer, he also has the temperament of a serial killer, which means that his power is in line with this guideline. Indeed, with a simple touch, he can turn anything and anyone into a time bomb, which is rather useful and discreet for a serial killer. He is therefore able to set traps and kill anyone from a distance, silently and without giving a single clue about his person.

He is also able to create a small portable bomb, which takes the form of a tank. Its name is sheer heart attack. It is created from the left hand of his stand, this is an autonomous power that works even if the stand user is on the other side of the world.

Since this little bomb is autonomous and cannot be controlled by Kira, it needs a process to work, and to do so, it simply detects the closest heat sources (very often humans) and runs straight at them and then explodes. This is a very interesting power, once again totally discreet, that never implicates its user, and is ultra resistant (even Jotaro's blows didn't damage it).

His latest ability is Bite The Dust, an ultimate ability that allows him to trap a person to protect his identity. Bite The Dust will hide inside the trapped person, waiting for someone to discover Kira's identity via the trapped person. Once Kira's true identity is discovered, Bite The Dust will simply blow up the person who discovered the mystery, and then go back an hour, creating a time loop, until it traps and blows up all the people Kira wants to disappear.


3: Silver Chariot of Jean Pierre Polnareff

silver chariot jojo's bizarre adventure

Directly come from part 3, Silver Chariot and its user Polnareff were first presented as villains of the series, only to be discovered later that Polnareff was controlled by Dio. After being rescued from the evil spell, he will join the group to help Joseph and Jotaro fight the evil.

For starters, Silver Chariot is incredibly fast, much faster than 99% of the other stands in the series, it can simply hit hundreds of times in a very short time, almost at the speed of light. Since this stand takes on the appearance of a knight, it can "take off" its armor to move even faster. And let's not forget that it's not only fast, it's also extremely accurate. His rapier is used to plant and not to cut, he is a formidable opponent and can stand up to a lot of enemy Stand, he is the one who will succeed in defeating the strongest man of Dio, and will even succeed in saving Jotaro by almost wounding to death the great Dio Brando.
Polnareff and his stand have very largely deserved their place in this ranking, already because they are French (cocorico) but also because their power is undeniable.


2: Golden Experience Requiem de Giorno Giovanna

golden experience requiem jojo's bizarre adventure

I hesitated for a long time to put this stand in first place, but my preferences made me put it in second place. Golden Experience Requiem is the ultimate version of Giorno's stand. At first his stand inherited the strength and speed of his father's stand (whose name will not be mentioned) so it is basically very fast and capable of putting extremely powerful shots to his opponents, but what makes this stand beautiful and powerful is its inventiveness and its relationship to nature, to life itself. It can transform anything into something from the living world, it controls life itself. The power already has a huge range of moves and possibilities within itself, but thanks to Giorno's imagination and intelligence, its potential is multiplied tenfold. Now let's talk about his ultimate form, Requiem.

After being pierced by the arrow, Giorno has simply become the equal of a god, in addition to being able to control life, he can even control reality. Where the main enemy in part 5 could eliminate time between point A and point B, Giorno can simply decide to return to point A as he wishes, changing the course of time, the way things go and even the outcome of a fight. When he was on the verge of being pulverized by his opponent who could eliminate part of the time space and predict by a few seconds what was going to happen, Giorno was able to go back, defeat his opponent but also block him and him alone in a time loop that made him die and go back to the starting point again and again. In short, Golden Experience Requiem is probably the most abused power in all of Jojo, but I still decided to leave the first place to my stand, or rather my favorite stands.


1: Star Platinium of Jotaro / The World of Dio Brando

star platinium vs the world jojo's bizarre adventure

Did I cheat by putting two stands in one point? Yes but no. Why did I cheat? Because this is simply the same stand. The only difference is that they don't have the same appearance or the same colors. On the other hand these two stands have the same physical capacities, the same speed and also the same power. (even if Dio developed it earlier than Jotaro).

These two stands are my favorites because they can simply...stop time.
Yes yes, they can stop time, making the whole world stand still, allowing them to move and attack anyone without any worries. We don't know the maximum extent of their powers. In part 3 of jojo's bizarre adventure, in the final confrontation, Jotaro managed to outwit Dio and stop time for about ten seconds, giving him the advantage over Dio to beat him, but who knows what could happen with practice? Star Platinium might even be able to stop time for a whole day, making him truly invincible no matter who his opponent is?

Anyway, these two stands are undoubtedly the favorites of any jojo's bizarre adventure, fans love them and I too, they are even described by Araki as the strongest of all his work.


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