February 05, 2021

One punch man is a pearl of freshness as it is a shonen that plays with the codes of the shonen and offers a humorous adaptation of the genre. It has been drawn by its mysterious author one since 2009 and has been published by the shueisha since 2012. We meet today for a top 5 of the best heroes of this work from which blast will be automatically excluded in view of the little information available about it.


5. Little Emperor :

The little emperor is a spectacular hero, belonging to class s despite his young age, he can count on his extremely varied arsenal of toys that he has modified into weapons to fight. his courage and potential due to his young age make him recover the 5th place without any problems.


4. King :

In fourth place in this ranking is the incredible king, a class S hero whose opponents collapse in terror the moment he lays his eyes on them. Paradoxically, King is a rather fearful see l che person and relatively lambda in terms of power.


3. Genos :

The cyborg genos is very powerful, pupil of the hero knowsama it draws its power from the various modifications that he made on his body by the person who raised him, the doctor kibob. He has today an arsenal powerful enough to face a monster of dragon category and even to kill some.


2. Tatsumaki :

Tatsumaki is without question one of the most formidable heroes in the whole association of heroes. Everybody fears his psychic powers whether it is in heroes or monsters. She is also the elder sister of Fubuki, one of the few people knowing the real power of the hero of the work who also became one of his friends.


1. Saitama :

In first position we find the best of all the heroes seen until today, Saitama, the one punch man, the one who after a relatively simple training acquired the possibility of literally one shot anything that presents itself to him by using his famous "serious punch" technique which is nothing else than a simple punch. he nevertheless remains at rank B in the hero association.



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