January 18, 2021


Season 2 of One Punch Man ended in early July, and what we know for sure is that OPM is undoubtedly one of the most popular anime of the last few years.

The first season, having aroused the curiosity of millions of people in Asia and the West, made it a must-see anime from the very first episodes.

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This massive hype from the fans and the time between the first two seasons (almost 4 years anyway) made people really look forward to this second season at the turn of the century.

But compared to what exactly? Well in my opinion, the success and the hype around One Punch Man comes from several elements:



First of all its hero. Saitama as well as all the work that is One Punch Man are made in a way to discredit the classic Shonen, to break its codes. That is to say that usually, when we watch a classic Shonen anime, the hero always starts from scratch and trains hard to reach his goal. The main purpose of all shonen revolves around surpassing oneself and bravery.

In One Punch Man, Saitama is a real buffoon, he doesn't understand anything and he is already overpowered, no enemy ever resists him, he is from the beginning the strongest character of the whole series.

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The second element that makes One Punch Man a successful anime is its animation. The Madhouse studio that was in charge of the first season is very well known in the industry and proved once again what it was capable of, the only problem being that between the first and the second season, a change of studio took place, hence the 4 years necessary for its elaboration.

One Punch Man animation


If you saw the second season of One Punch Man, you will quickly understand where I'm going and why this season was a disappointment for many. The level of animation has dropped a lot. It's not so much the work of the new animation studio, J.C. Staff, which is bad, it's just that they're doing a much more classic and less spectacular job compared to what Madhouse could offer us.

Perhaps this disappointment is also due to the fact that the story is much less centered on Saitama, and even turns more towards the new anti-hero of the series, Garou.

Saitama's less sustained presence and a jagged animation are certainly the main reasons that made the second season of OPM a disappointment for many fans. The question that remains is: "Will there be a Season 3 of One Punch Man?"


garou season 3 one punch man

(a possible new shape for Garou)

Well, all we know for the moment is that the rest is obviously planned.
On the other hand we have no exact date to announce when the next release of One Punch Man season 3 will be in an animated version. Hopefully there won't be a new change of animation studio yet, which would greatly delay the anime sequel.

One Punch Man Season 3 should make its big comeback mid 2021 in the fall. Because of the delay caused by the coronavirus, we keep our fingers crossed.

All we can say for Season 3 is that we should learn a lot more about the famous association of the monsters, about the evolution of the new anti-hero Garou, and that Saitama and Genos should still be a bit behind, as it was the case in Season 2.

Clearly, no worries, there will be a season 3 for One Punch Man, there is still a lot to discover in this universe.

There are more than 20 tomes in Japan, enough to make us discover a lot of new characters and absurd fights between Saitama and stronger opponents one than the other. (Even though we all know how the fight will end).

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