February 05, 2021

One Piece is and will remain one of the longest and most complete works in the world of manga. It is thanks to the genius of Eichiiro Oda's writing that every week we can find the adventures of Luffy and his Straw Hat evolving in a completely crazy pirate world. He will have to master his demon fruit powers as well as the mysterious force that is the persimmon in order to impose himself.

Today on Manga Universe you will learn absolutely all the secrets of the haki and its place in the universe of One Piece.



The Haki of observation is the least offensive of the three types of Haki, called Mantra on Skypiea, it allows people who master it to develop supernatural abilities such as perceiving the power, presence and emotions of people present or even to read their minds succinctly. Moreover, it allows the user to predict the trajectories of attacks in a relatively short period of time and therefore to be able to dodge them more easily.

However there is an improved version of this Haki, a version that seems to be reserved for a few chosen ones like Katakuri and Luffy. It is a power of clairvoyance, indeed the advanced version of the Haki of observation allows to see some time in the future, something that allows to dodge well in advance or even to plan a strategy quickly.


After the Haki of observation centered on dodge, we find the Haki of weaponry which is centered on attack and defense. It consists of fluid being deployed over the skin to make it much more resistant, it is generally represented in black. The country of Wa does not call it Haki but Ryuo. This Haki can be deployed on the whole body but also on weapons to make them more destructive as do the Amazon Lilly Amazons. Many characters use it once they arrive in the second part of Grand Line and has the huge advantage of being one of the few things that can reach the physical body of Logia type demon fruit users.

There is also an improved version of the Haki, this one is revealed on Wa no Kuni by Hyogoro the Flower as he trains Luffy. This new version allows to expel Haki from his body to the opponent's body, this Haki will have the effect of penetrating the target and then begin to inflict internal damage. It is notably thanks to this advanced version that Luffy was able to free himself from his collar in Udon prison as well as Hyogoro from his.


At the top of the Haki podium stands the Haki of Kings or Conqueror's Fluid, it is the rarest form of Haki since unlike the others which can be learned by anyone as long as he is strong enough, this one is only innate, it cannot be learned. Moreover, only one person in a million is born with it. They are according to Trebol chosen by the heavens and have the characteristics of a king. It is also the first type of Haki that we see in the manga and for good reason Shanks uses it from the first volume to scare away the King of the Coast, a giant sea monster wishing to devour Luffy.

The Fluid of the Conqueror can be manifested in two ways, the first one consists in releasing the Haki in the manner of a "burst" in order to make any person with a weaker will than that of the transmitter sink into unconsciousness. The second is to release it constantly in order not only to make the weak fall into unconsciousness but also to degrade the environment and the living beings present around the launcher as Shanks showed on the Moby Dick. The Haki of the Kings does not have any advanced form yet, however it is likely that Luffy will eventually discover one with the help of Shanks and his crew.


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