February 06, 2021

Naruto is a manga by Masashi Kishimoto, whose publication will run from 1999 to 2014. It is one of the best known and most appreciated manga by the general public as it has marked an entire generation by its intense rhythm and its catchy story. It recounts Naruto's adventures from his childhood until he reaches adulthood, focusing on Naruto's quest for recognition, respect and friendship as an orphan and having Kyubi, the nine-tailed fox demon sealed inside him, causing him to be socially ostracized by the rest of the inhabitants of his village, Konoha in the Land of Fire .

Although Naruto is finished and has given way to the manga Boruto centered on his son, he continues to unleash passions whether by hype or nostalgia. Among the most interesting and best treated subjects that the work develops besides the relationship to war, social ties or destiny is the concept of rivalry. The manga is in two parts, marked by an ellipse allowing its hero to grow a few years.

Today the team of Manga Universe will focus on the rivalry between Naruto and Sasuke from its conception to its outcome through the different phases it has gone through.



To begin, it is appropriate to make a quick presentation of the two characters we are interested in here.

We first discover Naruto, an orphan then aged about ten years old and seeking to integrate the higher levels of the ninja academy. He is a lonely young boy, not very gifted, not by choice but because all the people of the village refuse to speak to him except one person, the teacher of his class, Iruka Umino, affectionately nicknamed "Iruka sensei" by Naruto, with whom he regularly shares a bowl of ramen at Ichiraku's house despite the fact that the demon sealed in Naruto is responsible for the death of Iruka's parents. Having passed the exams and integrated the team 7 under the direction of Kakashi, he finds friends in his classmates, Sasuke and Sakura then all those of his class throughout his adventures to finally acquire the gratitude of all the village as he will become a powerful ninja and even the world at the end of the work. 

Naruto uzumaki - Naruto destiny

Sasuke is also an orphan, both his parents having died, killed in the massacre of the Uchiwa clan by his brother, Itachi. Unlike Naruto, he is a prodigy mastering one of the five primary styles, the Katon, style of fire, while he was still at the academy and had not joined a team. Like all the members of his clan, he possesses the Sharingan, a hereditary ward with powers of prediction and even illusion. Most of the students at the academy love him, although it is not reciprocal, Sasuke being a lonely young man full of talent. He will share many adventures with the hero in the first part of the work before leaving the village to join the great villain of this first part, Orochimaru, in order to become stronger. This event will be at the origin of the break between the first and second parts of the manga. One will then find Sasuke bigger, always in his quest for powers he will join the Akatsuki, great enemy of the second part.

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The relationship between Naruto and Sasuke was difficult from the outset, already at the Academy, Naruto was constantly opposing Sasuke, finding that he was taking him too high, Sasuke assuming he was taking him high and rightly so given the difference in level between the two. Forced to cohabit within the Kakashi team, they will not end up having a friendship and a semblance of cohesion after the adventures related to Zabuza during which Naruto showed the power delivered by his demon fox for the first time by saving Sasuke from certain death.

During the period of the selection tournament of Chunin, they were one of the most competent teams although they had to face Orochimaru, one of the three sanin, legendary ninjas of a formidable power. This fight will be solved by a defeat of our heroes, surviving only because Orochimaru decides to withdraw, putting his cursed mark on Sasuke via a bite. This mark gave Sasuke extra power but fed his darkest feelings.

At the end of these adventures, Sasuke and Naruto became true companions, brothers in arms completing many missions and it is also during this period that Sasuke learned from his master Kakashi his signature technique, the "chidori" translated by the thousand birds. In spite of their friendship, our two characters remained in friendly competition.

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Sasuke ends up being contacted by the disciples of Orochimaru proposing him to take him to the higher stage of his cursed mark, well decided in his quest for power he follows them and leaves Konoha. Naruto will leave in his pursuit with some companions who will help him in front of the disciples of Orochimaru arriving in turn to hold them back. Dantesque fights follow in what is called the arc of recovery of Sasuke during which all the companions of Naruto were victorious but unfit to continue the hunt.

This bow will end in an incredible duel in the Valley of the End, probably one of the best in the history of manga. Sasuke showing us the full extent of his talent, just like Naruto, each one will use their signature technique several times, Naruto having learned the rasengan translated by the swirling orb in the meantime and Sasuke having increased the power of his Sharingan. Sasuke will show us during this one the extent of the power he acquired thanks to the cursed mark by passing to a second winged form when Naruto let him explode the power of his one-tailed demon taking its shape.

The fight, although initially to Naruto's advantage, ended in a victory for Sasuke, with Naruto ending up being overwhelmed by the shock of their respective signature attacks at full power. Sasuke left his blindfold on and left for good in the hope of breaking his ties with our protagonist.

It is here that the rupture was consummated but on one side only, Sasuke left, while Naruto continued to search for him as he was definitely unable to draw a line on their friendship. This is the reason that will motivate Naruto in his projects and make him gain more power through repeated training.

 Naruto Vs Sasuke *Vallée de la Fin* (des ressemblance) - Yōkoso Ningen


Once the duel was over, Naruto left to train for several years with Jiraya, another sanin, and came back to get Sasuke although this objective was a little relegated to the background as the Akatsuki and his project to reunite the demons with tails were oppressive. They were nevertheless able to meet twice, the first time in a place of Orochimaru, Sasuke definitively signifying his desire to cut the bridges with Naruto, this one will not accept it. Sasuke withdrew in spite of the fact that Naruto always enjoined him to return to Konoha. Sasuke ends up killing Orochimaru and taking the road to found a team and pursue his objective: to kill his brother, Itachi responsible for the death of his relatives.

This objective will push him to find his brother then to kill him, the latter revealing to him the responsibility of the leaders of Konoha in the order to exterminate their clan making Sasuke feel a new hatred for the village making him join the Akatsuki of Tobi .

Naruto learned a lot, especially the hermit mode and another form of rasengan and fought against several members of the Akatsuki including Bread, false chief of the Akatsuki mastering Rinnegan, the ward of the hermit Rikuddo, thanks to which he won the recognition of the whole village for having saved them all. Their second meeting during this period ended in a new duel which once again tended towards equality but was interrupted by Tobi.

This event was particularly striking for the readers and the protagonists because Sasuke decided to make Naruto his priority target and agreed to have the eyes of his dead brother grafted on to him in order to awaken his Sharingan to a higher power.

This second duel is a strong point of the rivalry between Naruto and Sasuke and establishes for a while Sasuke's objective. Naruto always remains with him in the hope of reviving the links between them and bringing his brother in arms back to Konoha, announcing that he considers him as part of the family he never had.

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During the Great Ninja War, we find Sasuke with his brother Itachi, reincarnated by a forbidden technique and having explained to his brother the true story of the massacre of his clan, trying to stop the said forbidden technique called Edo Tensei by incapacitating Kabuto who is at the origin of it. During this time Naruto having acquired the mastery of his demon tail fights against the reincarnated ancient kage, Tobi and the other reincarnated ninja with the help of his multi-cloning in which he infused the Kyuubi chakra. Our two rivals were thus advancing in the same direction several hundred kilometers away thanks to Itachi.

Our two heroes found themselves at the appearance of Juubi, the ultimate ancestor of all jewels (demons with tails) resulting from the absorption of the chakras of the nine jewels by the Gedo Mazo, the empty envelope of Juubi, under the impulse of Tobi and his ally Madara Uchiwa. After defeating Obito and receiving a fatal wound, our two heroes were in contact with the Hermit Rikudo, the first ninja, he revealed to them that they were the reincarnation of his sons, Indra and Ashura, as were Madara and his rival Hashirama in their time, giving them access to the powers of Rikudo, Sasuke developing a particular Rinnegan in his right eye and a moon mark in his left hand while Naruto obtained control of the black spheres and the seal of the sun on the right palm. They defeated Madara and Juubi and then Kaguya, the mother of the Hermit Rikudo, who pulled the strings in secret.

Once this daunting challenge was met, their rivalry came to a climax, their last fight once again in the Valley of the End where the ancient reincarnation generations of Indra and Ashura also made their last stand. Sasuke trapped the jewels and fought Naruto for the place of Hokage. The fight was Dantesque, Sasuke using his Ultimate Susano, Naruto from Kyubi, both using their repertoire of technique to the maximum. Despite their incredible power, they were still on an equal footing. By dint of giving their all, our two rivals found themselves short of chakra, forced to end up in Taijutsu, or hand-to-hand combat. Forced to realize once again that they were equals, they used one last time their signature techniques which shattered each other in a final explosion. Once the dust settled, our two heroes were on the ground, each with one arm missing, and finally decided to cease hostilities, Sasuke accepting the bonds that bound him to Naruto, before fainting.

Thus their rivalry gave way to a unique friendship, stronger than ever and once cured by Sakura, Naruto became the Hokage of Konoha village but also the most powerful of all the kage and Sasuke, after a short imprisonment, assisted him in the shadows as a kind of secret agent and together they brought peace, for a time, in the world of the ninjas. This relationship, in addition to being at the same time at the origin of the adventures of the manga, was a real backbone marking the continuity of the work, a final objective.

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