January 18, 2021


Today we're going to focus on a big chunk, namely a fight that could have taken place between the two strongest Uchiwa we saw in the anime, Itachi VS Madara.

In order to define who is in a position to emerge victorious from this fight, we have to start by taking stock of the abilities and strengths of each of our two participants.


itachi uchiwa

As for Itachi, it is known that since his early age he is considered a prodigy by the powerful of the village. He finished his studies at the academy at the age of 7, he developed his sharingan at only 8 years old, he passed the Chunin exam with flying colors at the age of 10, he managed to join the Anbu special forces at the age of 11 and he even became a captain at only 13 years old.

He is an undisputed master of Genjutsu, most certainly the strongest we have seen in action in the anime (Shisui, the one who gave his left eye to Itachi was most certainly even stronger) and also a fireball specialist thanks to his various techniques of Katon.

Our Itachi is one of the rare Uchiwa to have awakened the Mangekyo Sharingan, thanks to his left eye which comes directly from Shisui, he can produce ultra powerful Genjutsu like tsukuyomi, while his right eye can be used to use unusual physical techniques like Amaterasu, creating incredibly hot black flames that can burn anything. Amaterasu is in Shintoism, the goddess associated with the Sun.

itachi mangekyo sharingan

Thanks to his Mangekyo Sharingan present in both his eyes, Itachi was able to invoke a perfect Susano, the latter is red in color and has two objects that classify him directly as one of the best Susano existing in my humble opinion.

Totsuka's sword, capable of sealing in an infinite Genjutsu any living creature touched by it. As well as the mirror of Yata, a shield considered unstoppable, because it is made of all natures of chakra and can therefore simply absorb any ninjutsu.

itachi susano

His susano makes him almost invincible to most of the characters in the manga.

Despite his colossal power, Itachi's temperament and personality have always prevented him from fighting to his full potential. As a result, we have never really seen the extent of his power.


madara uchiwa

Concerning Madara, he is considered the strongest of all the Uchiwa. Indeed, compared to the other members of his clan, he possesses an immense reserve of chakra as well as a very great vitality. He is, just like Itachi, in possession of the Mangekyo Sharingan, with the only difference that his is said to be "eternal" which means that he can use it as he wishes without affecting his health or the state of his eyes.

He was also able to awaken the Rinnegan by implanting himself with Hashirama cells and was able to control the 9-tailed demon, as well as the 10-tailed demon, Jubi.

madara sharingan yeux

There is no doubt about the power of Madara, he knows an enormous amount of different Ninjutsu, he can place seals strong enough to control Biju and he masters all the different natures of chakras. He can fly and even beat the 5 Kage in the Great War. His Rinnegan allows him to create an invisible double that protects him and he has even been able to assimilate Jubi in order to obtain the same powers as Rikudo Sennin.

He also masters of course a susano, which can be up to 100 meters high. About as high as the status of Gedo Mazo.

madara susano parfait


But then once we know all this information, what about the famous fight Itachi VS Madara?

In the end it would be unfair to say that Itachi can beat Madara if we only talk about techniques and their pure power. Madara mastering to perfection too many different Ninjutsu. But we should not forget the fact that even Masashi Kishimoto, the creator of Naruto himself, once announced: "It would not have been so difficult to beat Madara if Itachi had still been alive. »

Because yes, let's not forget, Itachi is undoubtedly the most intelligent ninja we know, as well as the most powerful user of Genjutsu through his sharingan. Madara may be in possession of the Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan, his Genjutsu techniques will always remain less powerful than those of Itachi. Totsuka's sword as well as the mirror of Yata that Itachi's perfect susano possesses also make most of Madara's attacks totally useless.

In short, Itachi's intelligence as well as his main assets simply make him the strongest ninja in Naruto's universe, the only thing that could weaken him and even kill him is his own will to save Sasuke, because let's not forget that even though he is sick, he never gave his all during his fight against his little brother.


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