February 05, 2021

Hunter X Hunter is and will remain one of the best shonen which reached us in particular thanks to its superb animated adaptation released in 2011. It recounts the adventures of Gon and his friends in their quest for fulfillment, whether by protecting their own, joining a mafia or simply doing their job as Hunter. To continue their progress, they will learn to manipulate the nen, a kind of aura offering supernatural abilities.

Today on Manga Universe you will learn all the secrets of the nen.

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The nen is an energy whose mastery is based on four elementary principles, it is the Ten which allows to retain the aura that one diffuses and also allows to slow down the ageing process. It is an essential principle since it also protects against the effects of an aura more powerful than one's own, but it does not block physical blows. The Ten can be reinforced by regular meditation.

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Then comes the Zetsu which, unlike the Ten, allows it to completely block its aura flows, making the user undetectable and increasing recovery. However, the aura flow being cut off, the user will be sensitive to the aura effects of other people's auras as well, his body being absolutely unprotected, he will take any physical attack in full force. You will have understood that it is mainly used in safe places or in the context of spinning.

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The third principle is the principle of the Ren, it can be understood as the opposite of the Ten, indeed this one is not defensive but purely offensive, it allows to reinforce the power and the intensity of its aura. Therefore it strengthens the user's strength and endurance and is the direct door to the fourth and last fundamental principle.

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Finally we have Hatsu, Hatsu is the liberation of the aura and its transmission out of the body, which gives what we could call the powers of nen. Indeed each person has its own Hatsu which will correspond to the character and abilities of its user. Hatsu are classified into six different types. The Hatsu can be artificially strengthened by imposing conditions or oaths like Kurapika who tied one of his chains to the oath to be used only against members of the ghost brigade which will greatly enhance his abilities.

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Hatsu is thus decomposed into six different types corresponding to a type of power but also to the character of the user.

The first is the Reinforcement type, a type that translates into simple attacks and extrapolation of physical strength and defense. Its users are usually simple and motivated people who give their all to accomplish their goal, this is the most suitable type for hand-to-hand combatants. The hero of Gon is from the Reinforcement which he uses in his famous Jajanken, Uvogin, Phinks and Nobunaga from the Ghost Brigade are also of the Reinforcement type.

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Then there is the Materialization type, it allows the user to materialize an object ex nihilo that is to say only made of nen. The object in question is as tangible as normal objects, it is the only type of nen that non-users of nen can see. Users of Materialization are usually cautious, nervous and serious people which can make them look stuck. Among them we can mention Kurapika and his chain but also Shizuku who materializes his vacuum cleaner.

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Then we find the Manipulation type, this type is centered, as its name indicates, on the manipulation of living beings or inert bodies. This manipulation can be amplified by a precondition, a condition often being the fact of placing an object in contact with the victim or simply touching it. Manipulation people are generally protective of their loved ones but also thoughtful and rational. We know for example Irumi Zoldick who manipulates people with a needle that he sticks on them or also Morov, the Knuckle Master who manipulates the smoke he produces with his huge pipe.

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Then we find the fourth type of Hatsu, that of the Emission, it is almost similar in all points with the type of the Materialization only, on the contrary of this one, the objects formed from the Emission are not visible for the non-users of nen, moreover the users of the Emission seem more at ease than the other types with the fact of having a part of its aura far from its body.

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The last but one is the Transformation type, as its name indicates it allows the user to transform his aura into various real materials or substances, for example Kilua transforms his aura into electricity or Hisoka transforms his into a viscous and sticky substance similar to chewing gum. People using the Transformation are usually unstable people with a gift for deception.

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 And finally there is the last type of Hatsu, the Hatsu of Specialization. We classify in Specialization all Hatsu that do not correspond to the first five types. The powers developed by Specialization users are extremely varied and can range from divination to power theft and healing. Individuals in the Specialization are generally charismatic individuals who gather others around them, willingly or unwillingly. Specialization users include Kuroro Lucifuru and Meruem, the king of the Chimera-Ants.

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In addition to the four fundamental principles, there are seven so-called advanced principles that allow the master to reach a new level in his understanding and use of nen.

The first of these seven principles is the In, which is an evolution of Zetsu that consists in concealing almost totally the aura of its user. It can however be associated with a hatsu and make it possible to camouflage an object as Kurapika will do on his chain in order to trap Uvogin.

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Then comes the Gyo, the Gyo is an evolved form of the Ren, it concentrates the aura in a part of the body to make it more resistant. It can also be used to concentrate the aura in the eyes of the user allowing him to see the aura as well as the objects to be hidden (like those hidden by the In).

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 In third position of the advanced principles of nen, we find the En. The En is an advanced form of Ren and Ten, it allows the user to materialize his aura around him in a more important way than by simply using Ren, moreover, the user will be instantly aware of the movements as well as the shapes of all things penetrating the En.

The disadvantage of the En is that it is extremely tiring, indeed even the three royal guards of the King of Chimera-Ants Meruem had to take turns to leave a constant En around their King even though they are among the most powerful characters in the manga.

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The fourth advanced principle is the Shu, it is the advanced version of the Ten and it allows the user to transfer his aura into an object in order to make it more resistant. It is also the first visible manifestation of nen in the work although it is not especially emphasized by an effect at that moment. Indeed, it is by using the Shu that Hisoka hardened his cards allowing him to use them as a weapon.

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Then comes the Ken, evolution of the Ren, it allows the user to create a uniform aura defense around his body, the resistance given by this principle is less important than that of the Gyo since it is not concentrated and diffused all over the body. However, this use is also extremely tiring and is therefore not constantly usable.

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In the penultimate position of the advanced principles is the Ko, it is an improved version of the Gyo in which the whole aura of the user is concentrated in a place that particularly reinforces it. This technique leaves the rest of the body at the mercy of the opponent's attacks and is therefore generally used defensively, although some use it as a devastating offensive attack.

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Finally the last of all these principles is the Ryu. Ryu is an improved version of Gyo, but unlike the Ko, the user does not concentrate 100% of his aura in one part. Indeed Ryu is the ability to control the flow of aura so that a certain percentage of it can be left in the desired places.

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