February 07, 2021

Fairy Tail is a shonen manga by Hiro Mashima published between 2006 and 2017 which was a great success. It follows the story of Natsu Dragnir and his friends, Happy, Lucy, Grey and Erza, a band of magicians from the Fairy Tail guild. The guilds aim to maintain the integrity of the world by completing various quests ranging from the prosaic stalking of beasts to saving the sight of worlds. Natsu also pursues the goal of finding her adopted father, a fire dragon named Ignir who disappeared several years ago. This quest will take him to the frontiers of reality, between myths and legends.

Today the team of Manga Universe proposes you a small top 5 of the best characters of Fairy Tail, we will not speak here only about power but also about attachment, in this logic you will not find in this top neither Zeleph nor Acnologia. 

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Makarof Draer doesn't look like much at first sight, he's a small and skinny old man but always jovial and friendly. Beneath this appearance of sweet little grandfather lies the master of the Fairy Tail guild and is a mage of such formidable power that he is one of the ten Sacred Mages, the ten most powerful and competent mages in the world.

Makarof, by his great age and talent, possesses an impressive range of techniques. He masters various magics ranging from ice magic to the magic of light and a whole host of elements such as the magic of fire and wind. In addition to these skills, he has a signature technique of taking on titanic proportions reaching even the size of an island. In this form he will be able to stand up to Achnologia, the most powerful of dragons, for a while. 

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We will find him involved in many fights to defend the members of his guild that he calls "his children" and represents very well the image of the father or mentor as could be the characters like White Beard in One Piece or Jiraya in Naruto, just like them, he will not hesitate to sacrifice his life at the ultimate moment for the good of his people.


New member of Fairy Tail in this classification, Grey Fullbuster is a magician friend and rival of Natsu with whom we often see him arguing although they respect and appreciate each other, fortunately their two characters are held somehow by Lucy and Erza. One should not trust appearances, he is one of the most powerful mages of the Fairy Tail and has the peculiarity to strip without realizing it because of his magic.

Indeed, Grey is an ice mage so he doesn't feel the cold. But that's not all, ice magic offers him an incredible potential since he can freeze anything containing water and shape it at will whether it is in the shape of a fist, spear, hammer or any other simple thing he can think of. He later obtains the lost powers of the Ice Demon Hunter, these powers will greatly enhance Grey's potential which will prove to be an essential asset in the fight against all the obstacles that the Fairy Tail was brought to encounter. 

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 By enlarging the line, one could bring the relationship Natsu/Grey closer to the relationship Naruto/Sasuke although unlike Sasuke he did not abandon his loved ones in search of power. When our heroes will find themselves in Edolas, a world opposite to theirs, we see an Edolas' Grey who is cold, madly in love with Jubia, a Grey totally opposed to the Grey we know.


We couldn't make a top of the characters of Fairy Tail without mentioning the badass of this anime. Gajeel is a metal dragon hunter, like Natsu he was raised by a dragon that also mysteriously disappeared. At the first meeting between Gajeel and our heroes he was a cold and cruel antagonist with both his allies and enemies. Fortunately, when he was integrated into the Fairy Tail, he softened.

Being a metal dragon hunter, Gajeel is able to materialize any form of metal on his body for various purposes, whether to use his arm transformed into a spear, pickaxe or shovel or to cover his body with protective armor. Like any dragon hunter he can also use his dragon howl, a devastating technique that projects from his mouth draconic magic metal essence.

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 If we had to compare Gajeel to another anime character, it would certainly be to Vega, very proud of him and his powers, closed in on himself but always present when it comes to protecting his own, he remains despite everything one of the most lucid characters of the manga and especially of the team of Natsu which allows him to make quick and effective decisions.


We now move on to the strongest woman in the story, Erza Scarlett, a scarlet-haired girl with immense power, always there to protect her own, she is one of the most powerful mages of the Fairy Tail and will even become its master, she is also known as Titania.

She possesses incredible magical power in addition to being a talented swordswoman and mastering telekinesis. To fight, she uses a power granting her an armor that she materializes according to her choice, these armors allow her to greatly increase her physical and magical capacities in addition to offering her a particularly effective protection. 

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Erza's profile in manga is quite innovative in the sense that few manga dare to make one of their main female characters overwhelm the others both in strength and technique. She is an archetype of the strong woman pushed to the point where even the members of her guild don't discuss her orders and feel a certain fear in the face of her anger.


We end this little top 5 on the hero of this series, the explosive Natsu Dragnir, son of a fire dragon, he is a jovial and protective character, not hesitating one second to take the most dangerous missions or to put himself in the worst situations if the objective is to protect the world or his friends. Natsu has always been seen as a respectful character, almost in symbiosis with his flying cat Happy, he is also horribly prone to motion sickness.

Because he is a dragon hunter, Natsu masters the magic of fire dragon hunters allowing him to manipulate the fire as he pleases or to feed on it if need be. It is a formidable form of magic in close combat especially with his signature technique, the fire dragon breath. He will obtain lightning dragon hunting powers thanks to the gift of his power by Luxus.

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Natsu is the archetype of the hero of classic shonen nekketsu, which does not make him a less interesting character for all that, the voluntary, attaching and protective personality of Natsu makes him an appreciable character to be followed throughout his adventures.

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