January 18, 2021

tanjiro kamado


As every year, new adaptations in the form of an anime are born, and this year, our favorite is undoubtedly Demon Slayer.

Since February 4, 2019, Kimetsu no Yaiba surprises us every week by its humor, its characters, its music and especially its incredible animation. He is the kind of anime from a manga rather discreet in a first place, which knows how to highlight itself thanks to the careful animation brought by the Ufotable studio. This studio is at the origin of many animated adaptations hailed by critics such as Fate/Zero or the excellent God Eater.

In this article we will see point by point why Demon Slayer has nothing to envy to other anime, and how it can easily be among the best anime of the year 2019.




Tanjiro Kamado lives in the mountains with his mother and younger siblings, a modest but united family in which our hero invests all his time to provide for his needs. He is the only person who takes care of earning money, regularly going down to the nearest village to sell coal. One evening, as he tries to return home after a long day's work, a man also living in the mountains warns him because a rumour about a man-eating demon is circulating in the area, so Tanjiro reluctantly agrees to spend the night at the old man's house.

However, he wants to go home as soon as the sun rises, he hurries back to his house but when he approaches it, his highly developed sense of smell warns him: he perceives a smell of blood.

He arrives home, calm and silence reigns, he tries to go through the back door and sees a body lying on the ground, he approaches and discovers that his entire family has been massacred by a demon during the night. Everyone is dead, only his little sister Nezuko is still breathing a little bit, so he takes her on his back and runs with all his strength to find help, because of exhaustion they fall he and his little sister down the mountain, and it is at this moment that Tanjiro makes a surprising discovery, his little sister has turned into a demon. But he also discovers that she has kept part of her consciousness and that she does not want to attack him or eat other humans.

From this episode follows a long story where Tanjiro and Nezuko travel together, fighting other demons and searching for a cure for his little sister. Their adventures will prove that there is a strong bond between Tanjiro and his little sister Nezuko, and that they will do anything to survive in this world.




Demon Slayer fits into a rather classic shonen model, the story unfolds rather simply and the characters are introduced quickly but that does not prevent them from being extremely endearing and that they even have a story, a past of their own.

Zenitsu is a little coward who is always afraid of the slightest thing, but his grandfather insisted on teaching him the rudiments of combat, Inosuke is a child who lived alone in the forest, always trying to prove his worth in combat with Tanjiro, and Nezuko is simply the most adorable little girl in all manga! She has the sweetness of a little sister who loves her big brother more than anything else in the world, but she also has the ability to fight and protect her friends with the skills she learned in front of a demon. We can see that the author of this manga, Koyoharu Gotōge, is a woman. Because Nezuko is not here to look pretty (even if all the scenes where Nezuko shows herself cute will melt our heart) but has a real interest in the script but also during the fights!




Hearing and visual quality, you want it in Kimetsu No Yaiba! Demon Slayer's music always hits the bull's eye at the right time, it is poignant and perfectly transcribes the emotion of the scene, sometimes funny, sometimes epic and moving, the quality of Demon Slayer's music plays an important role in his potential title of anime of the year 2019!

As far as animation is concerned, do we really need to talk about it? Ufotable is at the controls, considered by all as one of the best animation studios, the work is once again perfectly mastered here. The numerous attacks of Tanjiro are very dynamic as well as visually very very very successful, the colors and the care given to the movements of the characters in general make this animated alive, almost organic. Seeing Tanjiro and his friends in funny situations almost makes us want to join them, and the tense moments like fights or confrontations make us understand that they are not here for fun.

We think in particular of exceptional moments of animation like during episode 19, when Tanjiro uses all his means to improve his techniques and try to defeat Rui, one of the 12 demonic moons.




Its touching music has conquered us, its characters have made us so attached to them that Nezuko has become very popular on the internet, especially through various memes or videos. But what we liked the most in Demon Slayer is certainly its breathtaking animation.

To put it simply, the only thing we could criticize in Demon Slayer is its lack of risk-taking in the narration, it is a classic shonen and it is felt in the course of the story, however all the other points that we can cite make it a must-see anime, that everyone should watch, it is for us the anime of the year 2019. (even if the year is not over).


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